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Welcome to Keisatsu Judo!

Keisatsu (Pronounced Kay-Satsu) is Japanese for Police. The Winnipeg Keisatsu Judo club is a private club established for police officers and police sponsered individuals to have a safe, clean and professional training environment.

Chief Instructor, Justin Casavant, is a competitive judoka and police officer who is currently serving as police K9 handler. Prior to his current posting, he was assigned as an assault team member on the full time SWAT team and as a Tactical Flight Officer in the police helicopter. Sensei Casavant teaches a competitive style of Judo with a heavy emphasis on newaza (ground fighting).


Keisatsu Judo is pleased to announce that the club will be offering a children's program for family members of law enforcement officers.

Please contact Justin at jcasavant@keisatsujudo.com for details.

All members of the Keisatsu Judo Club are required to wear an appropriate Judo gi (uniform). Judo gi's can be purchased from the Judo Club.

Keisatsu Judo Club  725 Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Main Floor Setcan Training Center 

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